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About Alexa Rank Checker

When you want to check the current position of your website on the Alexa Ranking System then using the Alexa analytics free online tool is the best to serve. This is a tool that was developed for the special web engineers who understand the ins and outs of web analytics. This web checker will deliver an accurate and easy understanding of the results. The Alexa Rank Checker will deliver the following results;

  • Global Rank Results; The rank will be delivered based on worldwide websites.

  • Reach Results; These results that are delivered show how many different people are visiting the website.

  • Country Visits; The results indicate the highest percentage of visitors from a specific country.

  • Country Rank; The rank results for the specific website.


How do you Use the Alexa Ran Checker?

Its very simple to use this tool, and this can be done based on the following steps;

  1. Load the Alexa website Ranking Page by clicking the link on the page.

  2. Enter the URL that you would like to check

  3. Click the Check Button

  4. Wait for the Results.