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Nobody likes slow website speeds and thus if you want to know if your website has slow speeds then this is the tool that is best for you. The loading speed of your web pages is a very critical parameter that is used by the Search Engine Ranking. Our tool is designed and based on the Google PageSpeed Insights of the API. The Tool has amazing features which make it one of the best tools that you can use. This includes providing the main reasons why the speeds of your web pages are very slow.

Our tool is one of the easiest tools to use and it's suitable for both the beginners and the more experienced users. All said and done let's have a look at how website speeds affect your business;

  • 8% of the views will bounce back the cause of the 3-second delays on your web page loads

  • 16% decrease of the customer in case of of the 1-second delay.

Well from the above discussion, it's very clear that the web speeds matter a lot. Therefore having incredible web speeds will always lead to an increase in the customers and the returning customers to your website. Therefore why won't you try our free web page speed checker? The tool will be able to show you the number of requests, the load time, and the location where the page is loaded from.