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About Domain Authority Checker

As technology evolves SEO also becomes more technical for instance under this section we are going to have a look more into the domain checker. Domain Checker is always used interchangeably with the Domain Authority Checker commonly called the DA. The DA score can reveal the “strength ” and the relevance of the website's specific subject area and the industry. Our Domain Authority Checker is comprised of the Logarithmic scale of points. The scale is usually 0 to 100. Therefore during the prediction when you have a high score then it means that the rank of your website is also high.

Any smart Webmaster knows how important it is to improve the website’s authority. First, he needs to know the score, and then from that, he can determine how to build its dominance. When it comes to knowing the score he will need this tool. Improving the Domain Authority will always improve the ranking of your website. This is a free popular tool that you can get from our platform. Well, here are some of the reasons why you should opt for our tool;

  • You don’t have to pay a dime or a penny when using this tool, it's completely free.

  • It’s a very easy and reliable tool that you can use.

How to use The Tool.

Using our Domain Authority Checker is very simple and straight forward and this can be achieved through the following basic steps;

  • In the input field, you will have to enter the URL of your domain

  • Click the Run Button.

  • Wait for a couple of seconds to have your results.

Depending on the results obtained, you can improve the ranking of your website by following these basic steps;

  • Ensuring that you have quality links

  • Refer to the root domains

  • Site the volume

  • Improve the age of the domain.