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About Page Authority Checker

The Page Authority checker is a tool that is used to check the strength of a given domain of a website. Most people do call it Domain Authority Checker but it’s the same. When talking about the Domain Authority Checker we are talking about a general SEO concept of the website. At our platform, we do provide services that are focused on checking the authority of your website. Our checker runs on a scale of zero to a hundred. When your web page has higher ratings it means that it's authoritative and stronger in the SERPs.

How to use Page Authority Checker tool?

This is a free tool that is available to use and you don’t have to struggle a lot when using it. This can be calculated as follows;

  1. Check on the number of unique domain links to the target website.

  2. Check on the authority o those link domains.

  3. Note down the number of unique domains each of the site's links has.

  4. Click the submit button to get the Raw scores.


Your web page domain matters a lot and this is attributed to a lot of factors such as the ranking factors of your site. As stated above the higher the authority ratings the better the score.