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About XML Sitemap Generator

XML Sitemap is very important for any website since it assists the website to easily and quickly identify the pages in your website for the Google Search Engines. Therefore when performing the web audit of your pages you must have an analysis of the XML sitemaps. This can be accessed by the use of the XML Sitemap Generator. At our platform, we have the best XML Sitemap Generator, and are very easy to use. This is because all you have to do is to enter the domain name of your website and wait for the tool to crawl your entire website. As the tool crawls through your website it will build your sitemap through appending the URLs to the sitemap files which is created.

What is an XML Sitemap?

The XML Sitemap is defined as a plain text XML file that has lists that are very important pages across your website. The Maps are usually submitted to Bing, Google, or any other major search engines. This is what helps your website to be discovered by the major search engines in the discover, crawling and indexing of your website in a mopre effective way. When it's very easy for your website to be discovered in crawl, then it makes it very easy for the ranking of your website to improve.

Most people do confuse XML sitemaps with HTML sitemaps though the two don’t perform the same function. XML sitemaps are used specifically by search engines. On the other hand, the HML Sitemaps are very common for helping users to navigate through the pages of their website. When Generating the XML sitemaps there are specific tags that can be used. The Tags that are being used in this case include;

  • The LastMod: This is a tag that excludes the tag since it constantly manually updates your site map

  • ChnageFreq: This is a frequency tag that encourages google to keep returning to your website and look for updates and various improvements.

  • Priority: This is a tag that has been excluded in Google Crawls.