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About URL Rewriting Tool

We do have a free online URL rewriting tool that is tasked with rewriting your tool quickly and turning the long dynamic URL into a static URL. Understanding the function of our URL writing tool is very necessary especially if you are a webmaster. It's also important to understand the two types of websites first. We do have static websites and dynamic websites.

Static Websites vs Dynamic Websites.

The Static websites are sites that delivering information without using the bells and whistles. Most the small websites and the small companies do have static websites. The static sites are very cheap and very easy to develop. The static websites have the following advantages;

  • Quick to develop.

  • They are very cheap to develop

  • They are very affordable.

The disadvantage of the static sites includes;

  • They only have basic information

  • The Content can stagnate

  • They always need an update day in and day out.

On the other hand, we do have dynamic websites. Dynamic websites they will cost you more but they are easier to manage and update. These are common sites for News updates, events, and posts. They can be easily uploaded through the simple user interface. They have the following advantages;

  • Easier to update

  • The websites have provides the more functionality

  • Allows the users and visitors to interact easily

  • This will permit the exchange of information between the users and the website owners.

The disadvantage of dynamics sites include;

  • Costly to develop

  • Costly to host