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About www Redirect Checker

To understand the URL or the website redirects then it's important to start with the server-based functions which send the user from one web location to another. A web redirect is always implemented for so many reasons and this can be a result of a change in the web address. One of the most significant motives for this is the synchronization of the site to the latest search engine optimization techniques.

Since we have identified the basics of www redirection, the next step will be running the redirect test on our platform. This can be done through the following basic steps;

  • Enter the domain name in the URL field.

  • Click the Button

  • Obtain your results.

When analyzing the basics of the redirects it's very important to note the type of redirects that you can [erform per each page. They include the following;

  • 300 Multiple Choices

  • 301 Redirects

  • 302 Found Status

  • 307 Moved Temporarily

  • Meta Fresh