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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

The Code Text ratio is an indicator of the percentage in which there is an exact text on a web page. The codes in this case are the HTML codes that are associated with each of the webpages on the other hand the text will represent the actual written content for the web page. In case you have too many Images and backlinks in your web page then the HTML codes are likely to be in excess. Having a high number of HTML codes might slow down the Loading speeds of your website. If you are not sure about your code-to-text ratio then you are in the right place cause this tool is going to assist you with that.

How to use Code to Text Ratio Checker tool.

This tool is very easy and quick to use when it comes to calculating the percentage of the text on a given web page about the HTML codes. All you have to do is to paste the URL in the input field section and then click the check button.

Significance of the Code TO Text Ratio.

The code-to-text ratio is very important in SEO and this is what the search engines and the spiders use during their relevance calculations. Most SEO experts usually use this technique to determine what might be slowing down the loading speeds of your web pages. Therefore in the long run they can ensure that your site is

  • Is User friendly

  • Has an improved user experience

  • Quick to load

  • Has a better Page Indexing.