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About Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator

If you want to provide a professional outlook to your website then you can start by first simulating it using the Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator. The resolution simulator can show you the view of your web pages on the Tablet, Laptop, Phone, and even the Desktop. In case of any resolution consistency then you can make any necessary adjustments. Therefore the webpage screen resolution simulator can be defined as a sophisticated tool that allows the web owners to simulate and set their screen resolutions to be consistent with all the formats of devices. The adjustments that are being performed can be adjusted manually though this is extremely tiring work for one to do.

How to make use of Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator tool.

It's important to note that this is a 100% free tool that is available across all devices online. All you have to ensure that you do have is the internet connection. At the input field, you are going to copy and paste your URL on the field and then select your desired resolution. We have the following resolutions which you can select from;

  • 1600x1200 px

  • 1152x864 px

  • 1366x768 px

  • 1024x738 px

  • 800x600 px

  • 640x480 px

  • 320x320 px

Once the simulation is done you can manually adjust the resolution on the site. This is a very important tool that will assist you in ensuring that your website looks great across multiple devices. At present, most of the traffic is coming from smartphone users. This is what makes this an essential tool cause you have to adjust the size to suit them.

Google Malware Checker.

Malware from the words Malicious Software can be considered dangerous software that can secretly access your device without your prior knowledge. In most cases, they are usually tasked with stealing your information. There are different forms of malware on the internet platform and this includes; Viruses, worms, spyware, adware, trojan horses, ransomware, rootkits, and browser hijackers. Websites are always a common target of malware and that is what makes the Google Malware Checker a very important tool. This is a free online malware checker that is very easy to use. The tool is designed with an intelligent algorithm that will assist you to detect the malware and give you a report on the necessary threats.

This is a very simple tool that you can use. All you have to do is to copy the website URL and paste it into the input field and click the check button. This will direct you to Google’s safe browsing diagnostic page. From here a report will be generated to verify if your website is safe or if it has malware. This is a free website that doesn’t allow you to register for the scanning to be done. You can also check on better ways you can secure your website.