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About Google Cache Checker

If you want to figure out if any of your websites is serving cached web pages then this is the right tool that you can use.

First, let's understand what a Cache is. A cache is a technique that was set so that it can store website docs temporarily. The documents in this context include the HTML and the images. The main aim of storing these docs, is to ensure that there is a reduction in the bandwidth usage, web server load, and perceived lag.

The web cache is meant to store the copies of the doc which go through it. The Cache is data is always important to the SEO experts this is because it will assist in delivering the customized reports that involves the analytics. That is why most of these webmasters do need the Google Cache Checker tool. This is because the tool will assist them in coming up with this analytics. This is a 100% free tool that is composed of a flexible interface that will enable you to generate the results that you are looking for.

How to use Google Cache CheckerTool.

This is one of the easiest tools that you can use. Copy the URL and paste it into the Input field. After that, you can click the checker field.

Importance of the Google Checker tool

This is a significant tool that will help both the web owners and the webmasters. It's the ability to detect if the web hosting package is outdated. The Cache also assists your visitors in access your site when they are offline.