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Any webmaster, / understands that the performance of a website is anchored on how fast the webpages are loading. This is one of the reasons which makes the Page size checker a very important tool that can't be ignored. This is because the loading speeds of the website rely more on the size of the web pages. If your site will load at a faster rate then you are guaranteed a decrease in the bounce rates. Our page size checker is a free tool that will tell you the size of your web pages in KB. When you want to make use of our tool you must note down the standard size of the web page. The standard size of a webpage should not exceed the 3 MB size mark.

How to use Our Page Size Checker.

It's very simple for one to use our web checker tool. Copy the URL of your page and paste it onto the input field of the page. This is a free tool that is 100% available online and any device can use it as long as it's connected to the internet.

Importance of using a Web Page size checker.

  • Saves Time and effort: This is a straightforward tool that you can use and it will save you from the various coalitions.

  • Saves Money: Being a free tool that one can use online makes it readily available for one to use online.

  • Decreases the Bounce rate

  • It’s the best tool to improve your SEO.