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About Plagiarism Checker


We do have a free plagiarism checker that is second to none, thanks to the accrued advantages of using this Plagiarism Checker. Our plagiarism checker tool has served a wide range of clients starting from students, bloggers, academic researchers, and publishers.

Why Consider Our Free Plagiarism Checker.

Our free plagiarism checker tool comes with a lot of benefits that we are going to analyze so that we can give you sufficient reasons why you need to consider it.

  • It's Quick and Hassle-Free to Use.

This plagiarism checker is a ready platform that was is available for a super-fast utility that will generate the results in a matter of seconds. Thanks to the algorithms that where implemented in designing s plagiarism checker. In addition to that,, it also has a friendly user interface hence you don’t have to follow any convoluted procedure when using it.

  • It's Multi-Platform Supportive.

Our plagiarism is a web-based tool hence it can be accessed by any device as long as the device has internet connections. There is no need to install any Plugin or software that you can use to check for plagiarism. Therefore whether you are on an Android device, IoS, Windows, Mac, and even Linux you can still use this web platform.

Free of Costs.

Well under this case as we said earlier on that this is a free cost plagiarism checker. Therefore as a single user, you will never be required to pay any single penny for the consumption of this online plagiarism checker. In addition to that, there are no usage limits, therefore you can use this plagiarism checker countless times.

Finding Matching Sources.

This is a desirable product when it comes to the detection of plagiarism. The detection procedure is not only focused on the detection of plagiarism but also focuses on providing you with the lists of evidence from the sources where the text has been extracted.

Our plagiarism Checker has the following features;

  • Billions of Web pages to match similar texts. Once the content has been uploaded then it will run over the billions of web pages within seconds and get you the results.

  • Automatic Rewriting feature. This has the option to automatically rewrite the sections which have similar to a particular web page.

  • Multiple Document Format. The plagiarism checker allows you to add text from various formats of different documents and this includes; .doc, .txt, .tex, .rft, .odt, .pdf.

Would you like to see the above features by yourself, then you can upload or paste your documents.