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About Find DNS records

DNS means the Domain Name System which is a system that is responsible for converting the hostname to a computer-friendly IP Address. In layman's way, “we all need a proper address to reach the specific destination.”The same applies in the internet world, all the Smart devices do use an IP address to communicate over the internet. For this reason, we are going to introduce you to the Find DNS records tool. The tool is very important in finding the DNS records. The DNS records are mapping files that contain the instructions set to provide the relevant information which is related to the domain.

The DNS Records can find the following DNS record tools;

  • The A Record: A basic Record that has the Ipv4 Address and the domain/subdomain names.

  • AAAA Records

  • CNAME Record

  • MX Record

  • NS record

  • PTR Record

  • SRV record

  • SOA Record

  • TXT record

  • CAA Record.