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About Website Links Count Checker

If you own a website then you have to note down what the webmasters are doing. One of the things that webmasters are doing includes worrying about the number of links that a website has. These numbers are determined by the website links count checker. The website link count is critical when it comes to getting more quality links on the website. The higher the ratings of the links the higher the search engines on Google are. This are very significant in the SEO strategies which makes the tools like the website page count checker.

How to use Website Links Count Checker?

This tool is very easy to use. and this can be done based on the following way.

  • Paste the URL of your link in the Input field

  • Click the Calculate button.

The output of the results will be as follows;

  • The Total Links

  • The total internal links

  • The Total External Links.

Our website link count checker is very easy and free to use. Therefore you don’t have to pay for anything when it comes to using this tool.


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