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About Server Status Checker

We do have the HTTP Server codes testing tool which is effective in checking the status of your website if it's online or offline. In case there is something wrong with your website then the browser is likely to deliver information such as “Something isn’t right along with an error code such as 404.” Most Webmasters or SEO do regularly check the status server of their website. The Checker is accessible on our platform.

Our platform is a free tool that allows you to post up to 100 URLs and check the status of the sites. It's very easy to use this tool and here is how you can understand the HTTP Status Code;

  • Having a 200 Status code indicates that all is good. This means that the server was capable of returning the content for all the URLs that you had requested.

  • The 301 Status Code; means that it Moved Permanently and all the further inquiries have been directed to the new location.

  • The 302 Status Code means the server has found temporary redirections.

  • 307 Status Code means that the Temporary Redirect was similar to 302.

How to Use the Server Status Checker Testing Tool.

Its simple to use our tool and this can be done based on the following way.

  • Paste the URL of your link in the input field

  • Click the Calculate button.