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About Page speed Insights Checker

Our PageSpeed Insights Checker is one of the effective tools when it comes to checking the speed performance of your website. The tool can find out the bottlenecks and fix them instantly. This ensures that the search engines and the web content os very fast to be accessed. When checking for the page speed insights checker we do have the test reports on the performance that will assist you in the diagnostics and the suggestions on how to improve your page. The report on the page speed is classified into 3 categories which include; fast, average and slow.

How does the PageSpeed Insights Checker Calculate the Page Speed Score?

The PageSpeed Insights Checker acquires data from multiple sources from the mobile and desktop speeds that will result in the page score and recommends improving the page. The following data is always acquired when calculating the page speeds;

  • First Contentful Paint; This is the first moment where the browser first will render the DOM Content.

  • First Meaningful Paint Content; In This one feature, the user feels that the primary content is loaded.

  • Speed Index; this is data that can be made on how quickly a page can be visibly loaded.

  • Estimated Input Latency; this is data on the input responsiveness.

What is the Importance of the PageSpeed Insights Score?

If the Google ranks pages having the fast mobile performance scores is high then you are likely to improve the SEO pages. Based on the latest research that has been done, it's very clear that the value of the web page speed cant is underrated. This is because PageSpeed Insights is very important and it's directly linked to the bounce rates, conversion rates, user satisfaction, and the revenue from your website.

How do you use Pagespeed Insights Checker tool?

It's very simple for one to use this PageSpeed Insight Checker and this can be done based on the following way.

  • Paste the URL of your link in the input field

  • Click the Check button.